Our love of design, travel and our passion for seeking out the unique are the guiding principles that help us bring new ideas to life.

Each handcrafted Lily Koi design begins with the fabric. We travel constantly to discover fabrics that move us and reflect the soul of the country’s different ethnic groups. 

Sourced from local craftsman in small villages and communes, one of a kind, vintage textiles are hand chosen for their beauty and emotional resonance.

The hemp, cotton, silk and indigo plant are farmed and grown locally. The materials are dried, spun and woven. 

The fabric is batiked with beeswax, dyed and embroidered, making one-of-a-kind patterns that tell a story. 

We combine these finds with new textiles: hand dyed silk, velvet, cotton and linen. Our design philosophy gives a sense of heritage to the line’s more modern silhouettes and construction.